Tuesday, August 5, 2008

pin cushion swap

I recently took part in a pin cushion swap over at crafty mamas and here's what I made. This first one I made out a napkin ring from the op shop...I have about 8 of them left so I might do a tutorial on them later, if I get around to it. It's really quite little, but a nice size.

I ended up making a second one for my swap partener Lisa, as I thought the first one wasnt very exciting and wouldnt really hold that many pins. So I found a tutorial off the net and came up with this one. I was lazy however and sewed by machine, not hand. I used some red and navy wool that I recently dyed (some people should never touch fabric dyes, I am one of them...that is another story). I also used some of my favorite vintage floral and polka dot fabric.

And here is what I was sent from Lisa! This super cute little cushion with some felt and ric rac- I love it!

And this colourful one with a beautiful big flower and butterfly on top. Thankyou so much Lisa! I have put them straight to use. One can never have too many good pin cushions.


Sara said...

I love both the pin cushions that you made! You are going to laugh when you see the one I made Lissy.

If you want to try dyeing again, I can help you!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love those pin cushions, but have to say the polka dot one is my favourite.

Gill from Canada

libby said...

wow = you are so cleaver i had a look at the tutorial and it looks really hard! well done nomi

The Handmaden said...

Gee, I wish I'd entered that one now!