Friday, October 29, 2010

{this moment}

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summer frocks

 After pricing summer dresses in the local children's clothes shop, I came home determined to make my own. Sure the one's in the shop were nice, but seriously overpriced for little girls. I have a stash of lovely voile's in the cupboard, so when I saw this gorgeous dress Ansia had made for her daughter, I just had to give it a go. The instructions can be found here on 'From an Igloo'. My girls are so happy with the result. Soft and floaty, feminine and twirly! Grace chose the subtle floral voile which suits her perfectly. She is steering clear of bright colour choices these days. Maeve still loves all things pink, so the checks were her choice. She looks adorable. We had such a lovely afternoon at the beach. The breeze was up, but that didn't stop the squeals of delight as the girls raced up and down the sandy slopes. Jude and I did a little shell collecting. Spring = happy days.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

right now

Right now I probably should be in bed... but I'm not. I am working my way through the pile of unfinished objects that crowd my sewing desk. This is a softie I knitted for Jude's 1'st birthday, but never quite got around to piecing together. I am sure the 'knitting bit' was way easier than the 'piecing together bit'. So sure. This is going to take days to complete!
See that bowl of wool on the left? That is part of a fleece I purchased from a garage sale. Straight off the back of the sheep, burs, dirt and all. I hand washed it all in small amounts, spun it on low in the washing machine (in pillow cases), and dried it in the sun. It has come up so beautifully and there is so much of it! Prefect for softies. I have two more fleeces here that need washing as well.
Will be back soon with the finished photo's!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

crayons and paper

The girl's conversation went something like this the other day:

Grace- "Me and Maeve never stop drawing, we love it sooo much! We never stop drawing, do we Maeve?"
Maeve- "Well.....we do stop for lunch sometimes"

And that pretty much sums it up at the moment. Two girl's in love with their crayons and paper, endlessly drawing at every possible moment. The house littered with trails of artworks to be found in one room and then the next, and so on...and so forth. Paper everywhere. They love it.

Maeve has taken to copying whatever it is that Grace is drawing and I find it interesting how her attention to detail has come along in the last two months. We went to look at some Chicken's with friends of ours recently, they were hoping to buy some new hens. We were merely dreaming. One day when we are some place bigger and quieter, yes indeed we will have chickens! For now we will just continue to dream and of course draw.

Top: 'Rooster, chick and hen' Grace 6 1/2yrs
Bottom: 'Rooster' Maeve 3 3/4yrs

Left: Grace's butterfly
Right: Maeve's butterfly

They are both big on butterflies at the moment. We have many of these drawn then cut out carefully around the house. We are trying to photograph their creations to keep a record, without having to keep all that paper! I would be interested to know how other parents keep their children's artworks. Do you file them, stick them in scrapbooks, keep only the best, bin it all? Don't forget, if you have the time it's always a nice idea to turn them into an embroidery that can be enjoyed for years to come. Remember this post and this one?

edited to say: I also forgot to mention the art wire for displaying favorite drawings. Clearing it at the beginning of every term is always a good way to keep it fresh and uncluttered.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

cot bumper

With the sewing machine set up in its new corner, I have been trying to tackle a few old and forgotten projects that needed finishing. A cot bumper was one of them... probably a totally useless item for a umm, err, now 15 month old (!!). Yikes, time has flown. The poor boy has been sleeping in a port-a-cot since he outgrew the bassinet, because I refused to set up the cot until I had the bumper finished. Oh the relief to pack the port-a-cot away! I feel like he had been camping out in the bedroom. His cot now has a small space in the girls room which is working out quiet well. Next job on the agenda is to paint the room that will be his and set it up. I am thinking a soft gray would be nice. Don't hold your breath friends!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am coming to realise how much I love this little green space of mine. Each plant is so perfect, so beautiful and uniquely created. From the Aloe to the freshly potted Tomato's, the Yucca to the pesky (yet pretty) Clover, the Lillypilli's and the butter containers full of Jacaranda seedlings (thanks Pa!). The Mother-in-law's tongue is a favorite of mine, so tall, strong and beautifully patterned. It grows perfectly with the Aloe Vera in an undercover area we have out the back. Most of our plants are in pots as we have a tiny yard. I have Nasturtiums, Strawberry plants, Lettuce's, Sunflower's and mixed wildflowers in the seedling trays. There are a few barely surviving herbs, so we might replace those next. What grows in your garden?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

quilt love

I feel a quilt (or two) coming on. Every time I pick up this book, I have the urge to sew quilts just like this for my girls. The colours, the triangles and size are just perfect and grab me every time. Hmm, I have piles of vintage sheets which would be ideal for this project. And how cute is Jenny in her green velour romper! I might need to make some of those too. Feeling so inspired!