Tuesday, October 19, 2010

crayons and paper

The girl's conversation went something like this the other day:

Grace- "Me and Maeve never stop drawing, we love it sooo much! We never stop drawing, do we Maeve?"
Maeve- "Well.....we do stop for lunch sometimes"

And that pretty much sums it up at the moment. Two girl's in love with their crayons and paper, endlessly drawing at every possible moment. The house littered with trails of artworks to be found in one room and then the next, and so on...and so forth. Paper everywhere. They love it.

Maeve has taken to copying whatever it is that Grace is drawing and I find it interesting how her attention to detail has come along in the last two months. We went to look at some Chicken's with friends of ours recently, they were hoping to buy some new hens. We were merely dreaming. One day when we are some place bigger and quieter, yes indeed we will have chickens! For now we will just continue to dream and of course draw.

Top: 'Rooster, chick and hen' Grace 6 1/2yrs
Bottom: 'Rooster' Maeve 3 3/4yrs

Left: Grace's butterfly
Right: Maeve's butterfly

They are both big on butterflies at the moment. We have many of these drawn then cut out carefully around the house. We are trying to photograph their creations to keep a record, without having to keep all that paper! I would be interested to know how other parents keep their children's artworks. Do you file them, stick them in scrapbooks, keep only the best, bin it all? Don't forget, if you have the time it's always a nice idea to turn them into an embroidery that can be enjoyed for years to come. Remember this post and this one?

edited to say: I also forgot to mention the art wire for displaying favorite drawings. Clearing it at the beginning of every term is always a good way to keep it fresh and uncluttered.


cherri said...

It's a daily and endless struggle here, keeping the paper tray full of paper, keeping the pencils in easy reach of the 4 & 3 year olds but away from the cheeky 1 year old...

Mine all love drawing (your little one seems very advanced in her drawing skills) and we have a lot of art work here too. They normally get filed like so:

1. Art created
2. Displayed on fridge until
magnets can hold no more
3. Sorted between keepers and sad
but necessary tossers
4. Filed into childs own 'special
memories' box with name and date.

I will be checking back to see how others file theirs. I feel so guilty when I throw things away, but could not possibly keep it all!

Liz said...

We display the best/favourites on the "art wall" for a few months, and then they need to swap them over with new favourites. They have both got into the habit of taking photos before they recycle them.

Nadine said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! Kid's art is the best! My little girl is 4 and also loves drawing. I was just thinking this morning how much I love her pictures...can't part with any of them!!

Kylie said...

What lovely drawings. I am in the process of ordering a display frame for the kids and one for the grannies too.
I try to keep most of them - but moving every two years it is a little hard to store everything. I like the idea of photographing it and I have to get around to embriodering it too.

seaworthy said...

Hi Omi, just wondering what your tips are for taking such great photos of the kids art. Have you cropped excess background out in photoshop? What kind of lens are you using? Is it just natural light? Also wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog! I love it even more than I loved Soule Mamma!! Cheers, Bec (Harry & Lissa's sis)

naomi said...

Bec, you are too kind!!
No photo secrets here. I got rather lazy with these drawings and just scanned them in. I find I do that often with A4 sized artworks. And yep, sometimes I do crop them photoshop.
When I do photograph them I try to do it in natural light, which can be difficult in our dingy house (usual spot is on the coffee table by the window). Outdoor sunlight I find is too harsh.
Out of the two lens I have (18-55mm and 50mm), I really cant tell the difference in quality. Most my photos are taken on Auto, as I haven't had the time to get to know my camera properly yet!
I do fiddle with the white balance though when taking artwork photos in unfavorable light. This gives you a nice crisp white background.
Hope this helps!

seaworthy said...

Ah Ha! The scanner! Perfect!!