Tuesday, October 26, 2010

right now

Right now I probably should be in bed... but I'm not. I am working my way through the pile of unfinished objects that crowd my sewing desk. This is a softie I knitted for Jude's 1'st birthday, but never quite got around to piecing together. I am sure the 'knitting bit' was way easier than the 'piecing together bit'. So sure. This is going to take days to complete!
See that bowl of wool on the left? That is part of a fleece I purchased from a garage sale. Straight off the back of the sheep, burs, dirt and all. I hand washed it all in small amounts, spun it on low in the washing machine (in pillow cases), and dried it in the sun. It has come up so beautifully and there is so much of it! Prefect for softies. I have two more fleeces here that need washing as well.
Will be back soon with the finished photo's!


monica said...

your desk sounds like mine...i need to do the samething...take a night and clean my mountain of unfinished sewing projects

Kylie said...

Good luck with sewing it together - this is why I love knitting in the round for garmets so much:) The last doll I knitted took just as long to sew together:)

naomi said...

knitting in the round!! I really need to learn that Kylie, could have saved me hours!
He is all sewn up now, will be back soon with photos:)