Thursday, May 28, 2009

little jenny wren

Thank you so much to Jenny from Little Jenny Wren, for this fantastic giveaway on her blog. Isn't this baby just the most precious of prizes. Both the girls love this little baby, and she gets plenty of motherly cuddles. My favorite bit is her delicate little woolen cap. What a treasure!
And if you haven't yet wandered over to Jenny's blog, you really must. Her dolls are just perfect, made with the most beautiful natural materials. So much time and effort would go into each one. Thank you again Jenny, we are all thrilled to have this latest edition to our family!

wooly jacket

Sorry for the big blogging pause. I have finally uploaded the last months photos on the computer and have something to write about. I have just recovered from a nasty bout of the flu, but seemed to have caught another that is much harder to get rid of- the knitting bug! Yes, this little jacket was one I knitted for Maeve while I was sitting around in bed, or on the couch trying to recover from the flu. I was surprised how quickly it knitted up. Hooray for chunky wool.

The pattern is the one above, from 'Quick, thick knits for toddlers in Jet, Skol & Totem'- Patons book 901. I have no idea as to the date published, but it looks pretty vintage. I am trying to pick really simple patterns while I am learning (stocking and garter stitch), but I did manage to figure out the button hole...not quiet the rocket science I thought it would be!

She looks so sweet in it.

The wool (or should I say yarn) was some I have had in my stash for at least 6 years. It was a garage sale find, with no labels on it, so I have no idea about the fibre content. Obviously not 100% wool though.

More knitting to come!

Monday, May 4, 2009

one for the baby

After much crocheting, laying out squares, then sewing them together, the mohair rug for our winter baby is now finished!

I am so happy with how this turned out, considering it was the first bit of crocheting I have done in years...and actually completed. Now I just need the baby to wrap it in.

I have decided that I rather like crocheting, and knitting (that is another subject that you will no doubt here more on soon!) because they are so portable and make the perfect holiday craft. These granny squares are the perfect thing for using up wool scraps and in this case, beautiful unused wool found at the op shop.
Very affordable, completely satisfying.

Friday, May 1, 2009

this and that

Imagine my delight when I discovered this morning that I was the lucky winner of this special little baby over on Jenny's blog! I am just so excited that we will have one of her beautiful creations in our house to admire daily! You really must take the time to admire all her beautiful dolls, each one is such a treasure. Thankyou Jenny for such a great giveaway. The girls are going to be thrilled with this one...would have been nice to keep it for myself or the baby, but I don't think that will happen!

I know I am so behind the times with my blogging, sorry for my slackness. We had a wonderful Easter away staying with my parents. We just love going there- beautiful scenery, fresh country air, pretty gardens, beautiful home baked goodies and not to forget the fine company! My dad has been busy making another canoe, and the girls were keen to help him. Grace cant wait till they get it finished, and she can have a paddle!

And how do you like this sweet little vintage dress? This was one I use to wear back in the early 80's. It's getting a bit short for Maeve now, but still looks fantastic with red leggings underneath.

She has just wandered out from her nap and exclaimed: 'Thats me! thats me with my tok-et mummy!' Forget the dress...its the chocolate that matters!