Monday, March 9, 2009

mohair granny squares

It's always so much fun creating for a new baby, especially when the baby is mine! These granny squares are some I have had on the go for the past month or so. I am dying to piece them all together. The green yarn is a mohair/wool blend that I picked up from the op shop. 5 balls for 50c kind of bargain! I brought a ball of white and blue mohair to blend in for a little colour variation.
The thing I love about mohair is how warm and toasty it is. A mohair rug on the bed beats an electric blanket any day! I am hoping that my little Winter baby will sleep like a dream with this cushy blanket on.


Tabiboo said...

Beautiful colours, they do look very warm and toasty!

Nina x

cath said...

make me one too!!
i think they look great!