Monday, March 16, 2009

new knickers

The girls were in desperate need of new knickers. I had this pattern floating around, so I thought it was time to give it a go and use up some of my stretch supplies. I don't know if I have mentioned before, but I have a bad bad habit of buying too much stretch knit. They got 6 pairs each, blue for Maeve and green for Grace. Yep, we had the serious production line thing happening and I am sure it saved me heaps of time. Sewing them individually would have been a nightmare!
The girls love their new undies, and I am really happy with the fit. Very modest on, slightly boy leg-ish. Not sure that it is entirely appropriate to add in photo's of my children in underwear, so you will have to trust me...they are super cute.
Thanks to that*darn*kat for such an awesome pattern!
Oh, and if you have boys, the boy version of these is great, maybe a little more fiddly to sew, but so worth it!


dana said...

You are ambitious! They turned out great and I love the fabric. I have the hardest time finding cute knits here in the states. I'm so close to potty training (and dreading it).... but maybe some cute undies will be my inspiration to give it a go:).

Sara said...

Fab knickers! I will have to buy TDK's pattern if I get into sewing some undies for the kids.

Dana, in the US you should try or for good knits.

catherine said...

oh they are soo cute!
you are amazing naomi.
is there a g-string pattern?.. maybe you could make me a couple of spotted pairs :)

rachel said...

What a clever girl you are :) I'm sure you could make a mint if you ever decided to sell your creations!

Jetta's Nest said...

They're so cute Naomi! I love the picture of the big pile of spotty knickers :)

Mum said...

The knickers look great Naomi and I'm sure the girls would love wearing them! You've done well.

naomi said...

oh thanks ladies, you are all too kind!
Good luck with the potty training Dana. My tip would be to only use the potty for a few days while they get the hang of it, then get them using the toilet. Much easier than cleaning out the potty all the time!
Cath, I have been thinking about what I can make you for your birthday...thanks for the idea. As long as you don't mind me posting a few model shots here?!

Claire said...

Oh WOW!! I love the knickers - I want some in my size! Fabulous pattern - I might have to get this one.FABULOUS job Naomi!

the momma said...

These are so ADORABLE! And what a wonderful idea--to make your own and "color-code" them! I absolutely hate sorting my girls' panties. This would make it heaps easier!!! Love your blog!