Friday, September 19, 2008

this & that

One very nice bag I found at the markets, for a special friends birthday.

Fresh macadamias from another market. Why is it that the shell looks like chocolate, and therefore you want to eat it more than the nut? After eating these nuts, I don't think I will be buying the packet ones in a hurry. These were so moist and buttery.

This is Charlie the Galah I found out the front in the bushes. He was looking rather friendly, and lost at the same time. Lucky for him his owner came looking, and he found his way home. They had been out looking for him all day, so he was showered with kisses. I think the girls would have liked to keep him.

And a sure sign that the seasons are changing...our lizard is back. We spotted him on the roof this morning sunning himself, and madly dashing around. This guy can run really fast and is actually a pretty big size. I really should find out what he is.

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lib said...

love the lizard shot! we have lots round her too...but unfortunatly our fur ball eats them..grrr.