Friday, August 22, 2008

its a play dough kind of day

When I dressed Maeve this morning, Grace said "she can't wear that, they are not sunny morning clothes!". No, your right is no good for a sunny day, but it certainly suits the mood of dark skies and drizzling rain. We spent the morning out, but this afternoon is perfect weather for staying in with a warm, fresh batch of play dough. Do you like Grace's beautiful bride?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

summer boys clothes

Here's something you don't see everyday...well especially at our place- boys clothes! I made these a couple of weeks ago to send to a little boy, in exchange for one of his mum's amazing hand dyed creations. Very excited about this swap! It was so nice to sew something simple that didn't involve frills or gathering or lace or get my point. It took me ages to decide what to sew, as I feel a little clueless when it comes to boys. I had summer boys clothes on the brain and even asked Luke one morning if he wanted summer boys clothes for breakfast (meant to say porridge), sad really!

I also had this homeless shirt sitting around the sewing room, so decided to send it as well, and stenciled the plane on the front. I cut the stencil out of contact and then stuck it on the shirt and painted in the gaps. It worked really well. I've never tried that method before...has anyone else?
Good for one off designs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

country break

Since its been so long between posts, I think I have some explaining to do. We have been on a good break visiting both sides of the family, mums, dads, brothers, fact we saw them all in the space of a week which is pretty amazing! For some reason I thought we would have internet where we were going, but no. Probably a good thing. I also left the sewing machine at home, so that was nice too. I finally finished off Grace's ugg boots...hmmm...winter is nearly finished too. I ended up hand sewing them which was rough on my hands, but I could not get the machine to co-operate.

Grace and I did some window art together which was so much fun! She drew the pictures and I painted them. They turned out really well. We currently have a few peacocks that need finishing too.

We stayed in a farm house with Luke's family that has a beautiful waterfall and creek. The girls had fun tadpole hunting.

Maeve drank so much creek water...and maybe some taddy's?

We had a bit of a bonfire happening, lots of marshmellows.

And fire writting from my sweet husband!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

apples for inda

I just cant get enough of this fabric, the red, the green, the apples! This is just a simple long sleeved T-shirt I finished for a beautiful baby girl- Inda. I couldn't help but add the red snap to the back...oh how I love red.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

pin cushion swap

I recently took part in a pin cushion swap over at crafty mamas and here's what I made. This first one I made out a napkin ring from the op shop...I have about 8 of them left so I might do a tutorial on them later, if I get around to it. It's really quite little, but a nice size.

I ended up making a second one for my swap partener Lisa, as I thought the first one wasnt very exciting and wouldnt really hold that many pins. So I found a tutorial off the net and came up with this one. I was lazy however and sewed by machine, not hand. I used some red and navy wool that I recently dyed (some people should never touch fabric dyes, I am one of them...that is another story). I also used some of my favorite vintage floral and polka dot fabric.

And here is what I was sent from Lisa! This super cute little cushion with some felt and ric rac- I love it!

And this colourful one with a beautiful big flower and butterfly on top. Thankyou so much Lisa! I have put them straight to use. One can never have too many good pin cushions.