Thursday, February 5, 2009

stretch for summer #2

There's a lot of practical sewing going on in this house as of late.
Plenty more stretch for summer. Nothing very exciting, more every day kind of clothes.

A pineapple shirt for Grace

Grace has been begging me to make her a shirt with a kangaroo on the front, so here's what we came up with. She wrote 'kangaroo' for me on a piece of paper, and I stenciled it on with fabric paint. Love this shirt! Came in very handy for Australia Day.

Some simple legging for Maeve.
Fabric is really floppy, so they may end up as PJ pants.

Comfy long shorts for Grace. I am loving the honeycomb stitch on my machine at the moment.
It's great for detail and hems on stretch. My tip would be to use the 'walking foot' on your machine. Best machine accessory ever!

And a cool little dress for Maeve. I have so much of that pineapple fabric to get through. These dresses are great for summer, she loves wearing them.
All these patterns are sewn from Ottobre. Let me know if you want specific pattern numbers.

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