Tuesday, April 7, 2009

handmade gifts

I always love to give something handmade to the girls for their birthdays. This year we brought Grace some beautiful Lyra metallic drawing pencils, so I made the case for them to go in. I blanket stitched around the mushrooms, which turned out rather messy, but still passable.

The other thing she has been asking for is a baby carrier for her dolls. This one I whizzed up the night before, and it turned out great. Can't beat the combo of red, white and denim!


Sara said...


Oh, I think Moo would LOVE those metallic Lyras. Might have to get her some.

Cath said...

I can't believe you just made that carrier the night before! it looks awesome!
red, white and denim is a great choice too. can't go wrong.

Karen said...

Just recently found you through Crafty Mama's and I have to say that doll carrier is adorable - my girls would go nuts for it!
Did you use a pattern or make it up as you went?

Kylie said...

Great gifts - Love the carrier. Did you make the Doll too at some stage 0 it looks great!

naomi said...

Sara, these are our first Lyras...they make drawing so enjoyable, the girls love them!

Welcome Karen! The doll carrier was from a pattern from mums collection, I think it is no longer in print though:( Here is a link:


Kylie, the doll was one I made for Graces birthday last year. You can find it here:


naomi said...

hmm, dont think that link worked. It was a Simplicity Crafts pattern 8105.