Thursday, August 13, 2009

little by little

Most of my sewing use to be done in the evenings once the girls were in bed, but since having a newborn in the house again, evenings just aren't the best. That seems to be Jude's more unsettled time, and I don't have the energy to stay up as late as I use to. I end up going to bed with him most of the time.

These pajama pants are some I sewed for myself (the night before I went in to labour), but didn't get around to putting elastic in. They now have elastic and are super comfy to wear!

I have a bunch of organic hemp and bamboo fleece sitting in the sewing room waiting to be turned into these fitted nappies. This is my next sewing task, but I can see that they will take forever to make!

And a simple scarf is on my needles. The wool is called 'sorbet' by Moda Vera and is a beautiful merino wool in amazing colours. I am loving the texture!


katherine said...

Ooo, those pjs do look so comfy. And just the colors to make you feel alive on those sleepy mornings with a newborn!

The Handmaden said...

I have so many projects on the go and no idea when they'll be finished, Anna is unsettled in the evenings too. I had forgotten how much work a newborn is!

Barbara Brown said...

I just came across your blog and love all of the knits you use, your sewing is beautiful. would you mind telling me where you find them?

naomi said...

Hi Barbara, most of my knits I buy from the sale table at Spotlight or Lincraft (Australian fabric stores). Occasionally I buy off ebay from random sellers. Probably doesn't help you, sorry!

Cathy McKay said...

Hi Naomi,
Thinking of you (in our almost parallel lives!). The weeks go quickly don't they?

I have tagged you for a meme on my blog - I won't be offended if you give it a miss, I usually do!

love Cathy x

Sandra said...

I love the moda vera wool and wondered where you found it.

naomi said...

Hi Sandra.
Do you live in Australia? The wool was brought at Spotlight, and I think the Moda Vera range is only sold there. It comes in a loosely wound hank, which I then wound into a ball. Hope you can find it!

sussi said...

Hi Naomi

Live in Melbourne, husband wanted a jumper made out of the black and white moda vera wool sorbet but cannot find a pattern to save myself. Have searched the website but to no avail, any hints as to a good pattern book that might do the trick. Very basic would be good. Not that I am asking too much!!! Hope you have a great New Year!!

Cheers Sussi

naomi said...

sorry this has taken so long to reply to! I am really not the most skilled knitter, and I have no idea about moda vera patterns. Maybe if you hop on Ravelry, someone there would be able to help. There are free patterns there for really chunky wools, so I guess if you can match you gauge to a pattern that should work. Sorry I cant be of more assistance.Good luck with the jumper,