Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hello dribbles


Two more neckerchief bibs for the boy, because this kid can seriously dribble.
He has outgrown these ones here already.
I followed a simple pattern from this book, but sandwiched a layer of hemp fleece in between the two layers of fabric.
Nice and thick and very absorbent.
Not to mention super cute!

The blue and white fabric was some my youngest brother made in high school (wouldn't let mum throw it out). I think it's batik dyeing. Very effective.


Kate said...

Ha! That kid is awesome and super cute :) what a happy little man, but how could he not be with a cool cowboy neckerchief like that...

naomi said...

happy little man that loves his Aunty Kate! I am sure he would be happier if we met up for coffee though:)

Kate said...

Well we had our coffee date and see how that turned out?! Maybe we should just stick with Flower Power ;)