Saturday, December 18, 2010

{this moment}

Joining in {this moment} at Soulemama.
Schools out! Let the summer begin.


Dmarie said...

great capture...beautiful kids but also love the feet curled for the jump!

KD said...

a beautiful photo in so many ways...he's so focussed, almost oblivious to the fun around him!

MamaM said...

Cute photo and cute kid! And I'm jealous he is in a pool this time of year...

giozi said...

I envyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you. hot hot hot.
Ohh I'm so cold here :(
I love pool moments always.

We bought a ham by internet 2 weeks ago, my husband was a little upset and worry about it, but at the end it came last tuesday. My husbad was so excited and happy that he ask me that I took the pictures :)

Have a nice weekend