Tuesday, October 14, 2008

dance leotard

I finished this little dance costume last night for Grace's friend Mikaela who just celebrated her birthday. She was at our house earlier in the week flicking through my Ottobre 1/07 magazine, and spied out what she wanted. I made one for Grace earlier in the year when she started dancing...although it doesn't have the frill attached. She has a skirt to match.
This was also my first attempt at cropping out the background on my photos (thanks Tim for the tutorial over the phone!). It took me a while first go, but hopefully next time I will be super speedy.
Ok, I think I'd better go, I can hear Grace playing 'duck duck goose' by herself (if that's at all possible), surprisingly she seems to be enjoying herself! We have a dance lesson to catch.


dana said...

Adorable! It turned out great (and not the easiest thing to sew with all that spandex and elastic). You are a pro!
Not asking for long instructions (I know that's annoying :) )...but for the picture, did you have to do it in Photoshop?
Cute cute stuff.

Tracy said...

Very cute! Well done

Xiola said...

Have I told you lately what an amazing (and inspiring) sewer you are :)? It looks great and I love the cut out background business too. Very fancy!!

Catherine said...

hahahahahaahahahaha...duck duck goose by herself.....hahahahaahahah

Kylie said...

Very clever - Love the look of the no background - you will have to give us an over the internet version. Love the little outfit - very fitting for a little dancer.