Tuesday, October 28, 2008

linen and silk

Maeve has a new pair of duds, refashioned from a pair of ladies linen and silk pants. This fabric is truly amazing stuff...maybe a little too good for toddlers play pants. Pattern is Ottobre 1/08 "Candy" pants.

How do you like our out of control clover, popping up throughout the lawn? Would you believe it was only mown a week ago. Its such a pest, but look how pretty it comes up in the photos.

Nice and comfy, with plenty of cloth nappy room.

I know this is a very photo heavy post, but I was having trouble choosing which photos not to add. I love all the ones that capture the girls immersed in play. Having your sister as best friend really is such a precious thing.
And there is nothing that make them giggle more than going down the slide backwards...apparently this is very humorous!

'Come on Maeve, I'll race you to the fence!'

Then she attempts the getaway...

Maybe I should make more play clothes out of linen and silk, seems to be a winner.


Taiche said...

HAHA, your little ones are so precious.. little Maeve and my Quinni have a cheeky likeness..my house is like fort knox to keep the kids from escaping!!
Anyway back to the pants, they are absolutely gorgeous, I might put them on my chrissy list for one of the little girls..

Claire said...

Oh Naomi not only are the pants gorgeous but your girls are Devine!! Here is guessing you made your big girls dress too!!
I can tell why it was hard to choose from the pics - they are all so lovely!

naomi said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies:)
Tachie, I thought from your photos Quinn was the cheeky type, makes them ever so lovable! The pants would make great christmas presents as they were so easy to sew.
Claire I did make Grace's dress (actually her nightie!!) last summer. I had envisioned making her a pretty white voile nightie, but when we got to the shops she chose red instead...oh well. Luckily for me I sewed a bigger size, so they fit her again this summer.
And why is she still running around in her nightie at 9am...good question.

Kelly said...

Lovely pants and the photos of your girls are just gorgeous. I can understand why you had trouble choosing. I think I will have to put those pants on my list too!