Sunday, November 16, 2008

princess dresses

Some things are just so hard to photograph, my girls being two of them! These were the best of least 10 photos. The party we went to on the weekend had a royal theme, so here we have the Butterfly Princess and the Queen of Hearts. I cut into an old formal dress that was mine, and the other one was a dress of Aunty Kate's- thanks so much Kate! The top half of the dress is based on a top from Ottobre 1/2007, which I gathered the skirt on to. The girls love their new dresses, and they twirl beautifully!


Kate said...

Oh wow, these dresses are fantastic! Grace and Maeve are so lucky to have such an awesome and clever Mum! So glad the dress came in handy ;)

Jenny said...

Just gorgeous. My Kate would have loved one of those ( perhaps she still would).
Oh and thanks for the mention in the last post. It has been so exciting lately because I keep finding more and more vintage patterns just the right size for my dolls and the old patterns are such a pleasure to use, beautifully written instructions and very thorough.

Claire said...

Oh Naomi not only are the dresses beautiful your girls are just the prettiest princesses (well bar 1 - I am a bias mamma) I have ever seen!!
The dresses are amazing! I keep waiting to see when the "Omi-Creates" store opens - everything you make is so gorgeous.

Ansia said...

Your right about the store Claire, I would buy it all. As always Naomi you are amazingly talented and I could but hope to emulate you. I eagerly wait to see what you sew next!

naomi said...

oh you gals are all so kind!! It really makes my day to get such lovely comments on my blog.
About the store, my hubby got me the domain name ages back in the hope I would sew things to sell, however I am finding it so hard finding the time in between being full time mum, and sewing things for the girls, to actually make things to sell seems so far off! I am always trying to make gifts for friends rather than buy, so this all takes time too. Anyway, I am working on efficient methods for sewing in bulk and organising special time off for me so I can do this. I just don't want it all to take away from my family life and the years that are so precious with my children. I am sure I will eventually get there, so thankyou so much for your really gives me hope!

Taiche said...

Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous.. I have to say I love checking your blog out, you are such a clever chicka!!

Kate said...

They look gorgeous - wonderful dresses.

Jenny said...

I agree, take the time to make beautiful clothes for your own children as you are. They will only be small for such a short time.
When my children were young I almost fell into the trap of devoting all my time to making things to sell and then realised that I would be spending all my time making other people's children happy and forgetting my own.
Now, when my youngest is 11, I can devote time to making things to sell without feeling that I am shortchanging my own family.
I see so many mothers of young children busily making very successful businesses but I wonder how long they will be able to keep it up before everything comes crashing down.
I know it is hard when everyone seems to be encouraging you and there all lots of wonderful compliments but there really is plenty of time and opportunity to do it all you just can't do it all at the same time, and why would you want to.
It would be like eating all your favourite lollies in one mouthful,so much nicer to savour them one after the other.

dana said...

Hey Naomi,
thanks for the comment about the pants. I'm glad you're making some too!
I didn't use a real pattern...just took a pair of her pants and used those as a guideline. I made the legs wider at the bottom.
Good luck with your pants! I'm going to make more too!