Saturday, March 27, 2010


We've had a bit of a lazy Saturday.
Managed to venture out late morning to check out some local handmade markets for kids which was a lot of fun.
They were the Billycart Markets.
Its always nice to have a chat to the stall holders talk about handmade.
I would love to have my own stall one day, but with three little one's that idea may just have to go on hold.
 My life is chaotic enough as is!
My friend Rachel was there with her stall Art Wish, selling beautifully painted reward charts for kids.
I also met Sophie from Barefoot Babies with her stunning range of children's clothing.
And I was totally inspired by the beautiful handmade horses by Calamity Bolt.
Each horse was so unique and beautifully detailed.

The girls also held their own markets on our coffee table this morning.
Beautiful artworks, handmade paper toys, paper baby blankets etc, were all on sale.
They spent well over an hour preparing stock!

How do you like the picture of the dog on the rainbow lead in the middle?
Its totally killing me with cuteness!
Might have to turn this one into an embroidery so I can enjoy it for years to come.
They spend hours drawing, cutting and sticky taping things together daily.
Grace's cutting skills are nothing short of impressive.
It means I constantly have confetti like debris strewn throughout the house (and not to mention the mash of paper pulp I keep pulling off the roof of Jude's mouth) but it is all so worth it.

If the day ever did come where I was able to have my own stall,
I know I would have two very keen helpers who would want to sell their own wares,
and probably out do their mother!


Amanda - Little Star Designs said...

aww those drawings are gorgeous...little girls are just so creative aren't they, I too have confetti & sticky tape all over the house. yesterday I had a market here at my home, it was my first one and it was nothing short of awesome and successful! I had about 40 people turn up and most bought something. ALOT easier than going to the markets every week, maybe think of doing something like that too!

cherri said...

Oh sounds like a fun weekend - cutting and pasting are a favourite here too. I would love to have a market store but like you having three children 4 and under makes that a near impossibility. I am thinking about preparing stock for DD's kinder market in Oct though...not sure if it is just too much pressure for now though...

flora said...

Wow, that's very creative of your kids to have their very own market. I would treasure that memory forever and spend all my money on their wares for sure!

sophie said...

It was so lovely to meet you - thank you for stopping by and saying hello.