Thursday, March 4, 2010



Todays objective:
  • To find the floor in the sewing room (I kid you not)
  • relocate all the fabrics, sewing supplies and sewing machines strewn throughout the house, to their rightful place
  • claim back the dining table to be used for what it was designed for. Yes, we are all a tad sick of eating our dinner surrounded by piles of my stuff!
  • by the end of the day, having a room I can actually sew in
 And to achieve all this with a crawling babe underfoot (yes, the boy can crawl!), will be nothing short of impresive.
Wish me luck!

 ['mousie' is a childhood friend of mine. Trust me, her picture is much prettier than my sewing room right now. Isn't she cute!]


Anna said...

hope you get it all done! It'll be nice to have at organized once you finish!

Bec said...

Haha, My sewing room/first room people see when they come to my house room is all pretty - from the outside, I threw everything into cupboards and boxes when hubby announced the in-laws were coming in half an hour. New objective - find where I put everything! Good luck with your cleaning :D

katherine said...

Hmmm. I need to do this too. I think I might go bit by bit though. But then by the time I finish I'll probably need to begin again. Yes, perhaps making a day of it would be best!

The Handmaden said...

I can identify with this post! Your boy is crawling?! My little one is not quite there yet, won't be long though.
I love your mousie, childhood toys are so special.

Sabra said...

good luck. I hope one day to have a sewing room floor of which to uncover :) I was happy to find the playroom floor today, though.