Sunday, April 11, 2010

Izzy and Lucy

The dolls are finally finished: dresses, boots and all.
They have been such a fun project, but incredibly time consuming.
Lets just say I have the greatest respect for all the wonderful doll makers out there.
So many hours of sewing and deciding on fabrics ect,
but most importantly trying to create a doll that a child will fall in love with
and want to play with over and over again.
I am now dreaming up other outfit for these girls:
knitted cardigans
smocked top
chambray pants...
and the list goes on!


sophie said...

too lovely, so professional and beautiful!

cherri said...

Well worth all your time and effort - maybe you should make up a little birth certificate detailing their names, who made them and who for. It could then be passed down to your daughters' children and perhaps even their children again...


flora said...

your dolls are lovely! I love the names, too!

Claire said...

Oh Naomi these are truely beautiful dolls & even more so as they were made in love! I just adore the boots & dresses. SO pretty!