Thursday, April 8, 2010

pretty faces

Thanks for all your encouragement with the dolls!
They have come along quite nicely are are now just about finished.
I couldn't wait for them to be finished before I showed the girls,
they absolutely love them and gave them names straight away.

Say hello to Izzy (formerly know as Sara, then Judy), Maeve's doll (of course).

 and Lucy, Grace's doll.

I found it so hard finding the right wool for their hair and choosing the colours for their facial features.
But in the end I am happy with how they turned out.
I wasnt sure about the colour of Lucy's hair, and was ready to redo her hair the same as Izzy's.
But as soon as I showed her to Grace, she fell in love and wouldn't let me change a thing.

The dolls are made made from a natural linen,
filled with wool stuffing.
Their hair is mohair.

We have been away for Easter (photo's are from mum and dad's house).
I finished off most of the sewing there, including their dresses yesterday.
I will update with more photos soon.
Now all that's left is to sew their leather boots!

Some of you asked about the pattern for the dolls:
Mum made a kit doll for my sister (back in the 90's?) and the girls just love to play with her when we go to visit.
Mum still had the pattern pieces (without instructions) so I based the dolls on that. 
I am glad they love their new dolls as much as the original!

This is the original doll Mum made. 
Sorry about the dark photos, but we left at night and I didnt get around to day light photos.

 Check out those puffed sleeves!
The girls love her dress, so I copied the pattern for that too.
Will be back with more photos soon...

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bybido said...

very pretty. i'm sure your girls will cherish these dolls :).