Monday, August 30, 2010

keeping warm

Hello! Just popping in to say hi.
Is it true that Winter is almost over? I can hardly believe how quickly the days are racing by.
Sewing has been sadly absent around these parts, but the good news is I have relocated the sewing machine to a new area of the house. I don't have as much room as before, but I am now right near the living and office area which is perfect!
I do feel like I am cheating a bit on this post as the knit above is one I actually completed last Winter. Those of you who have been reading along for a while may remember when I started. My knitting has progressed a lot since then which is encouraging to see! There are now a few different projects in the knitting bag that I am working on...really must make the effort to finish them off.
This jumper (or 'pull-over' for you Northern Hemisphere folks) was super easy to knit, and came from a free pattern online which I can no longer find. Its basically knitted in four big 'L' shapes that you piece together with a seam running down the top of each sleeve, one down the front of the jumper and one down the back.
I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it outside the house as its pretty frumpy, but it has been the perfect jumper for around the house: so floppy, toasty warm and comfy. I do tend to put comfort ahead of style these days, and this jumper is a winner!

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Kylie said...

Love love love the jumper - if you locate the name of t let me kow - I wil need on in 2012 when we move back down southto freezing Canberra or Melbourne (and if my hubby gets his way Canada) (now that will be scary cold)

I am with you on comfort though:)