Monday, July 21, 2008

on my needles

So I have decided to knit myself a jumper...and if you know my level of skills in knitting, this is actually quite funny! I probably should have done a scarf or something simple first, but no, I need a jumper so that's what I'm making. It's actually not as slow going as I first thought, and it probably helps that I am knitting in 10ply. Its 100% wool, and the colour is oatmeal. It even smell like oats. If I had my way I would be a skilled knitter and knit like Peta or Kylie...somehow I think I will have to keep dreaming. See the two different kind of stitches on the jumper? That's all the stitches it well as increasing and decreasing. Very simple. I will keep you updated on it progress. Are yearly updates ok?, this is going to be a long term project!

One other thing, I have realised that I can knit while watching a movie! So we watched Jane Eyre (again) over the weekend. This movie is right up there with the best of the best on my movie list...dare I say better than or equal to Pride and Prejudice. I think I will get in trouble for this one. BBC sure knows how to produce the goods.


Kate said...

Amen Sister ;) better than or equal to? that really is a tough one! 'sit down...if you please' Captain Wentworth and Mr Rochester? better than or equal to? another toughy ;)

naomi said...

kate, you make me laugh! Maybe we should watch them all over again to decide who wins out of Rochester/Wentworth/Darcey...set up some kind of points system. As long as we have chocolate, I dont mind!

Claire said...

Better than Pride & prejudice? I will have to watch this one. I tell you, Mr Darcy is invited to my house for dinner any night of the week!

Kate said...

haha, I'm so there! Tally them up according to fortune, family connections and looks :)

Rachel in Timor Leste said...

I have wnated to say for a long time that I have had a few squiz's at your blog and it is lush and lovely and so Naomi.

miss you lovey.

Black Eyed Susie said...

You know nobody can come close to Mr Darcy here. All the others are in second place for me! And I read Jane Eyre recently - he's not as nice in the book so that spoiled it for me. Maybe I should take up knitting again and spend sometime with Mr Darcy!

Ansia said...

It must be the weather for knitting. I have never really tried knitting, but the other day the needles were on special for $1 and so I bought a ball of yarn and I am having a go. I love the wool you have chosen and look forward to seeing the end product. As for BBC goodies, I have been told that North and South is really worth the 5 hours knitting time.

lib said...

can i just say that 'bride and prejudice' should win hands down! just kidding! love the knitting nae - hay theres no holes your doing better than me!!!

naomi said...

Thanks everyone for giving me a good laugh in the comments section!
- Kate, I'll be seeing you thisweekend for round 2 of Persuassions...or should I say Captain Wentworth!
- Claire, check if they have it at your local library...ours always has BBC. Definatly worth a look! Rochester has a little more spunk than Darcy, so this may appeal to you in particular!
- Rach, thanks so much for dropping by, you 3 have been in my thoughts so much lately.
- Susie, I am embarrased to say I havent read the book yet. Even if Rochester comes in 2nd, its still a great watch!
- Ansia, I just reserved North and South DVD from the library! Im feeling like such a nerd, but cant wait- thanks!
- Lib, you crack me up! Are you a secret Bollywood fan?