Saturday, July 5, 2008

magnet swap

I just took part in my first swap over at Crafty Mamas. The challenge was to make a magnet with something on it that represented the start of winter. Lucky me got to swap with the very creative Melissa, and here's what I received.

A beautiful needle felted flower, and a gorgeous little gnome...which is very appropriate considering what most my friends call me!

Some very sweet little cupcakes- yum yum.

And the cutest little bee finger puppets complete with rhyme to sing along with! My girls totally love these! So thank you very much Melissa, for making my first swap so enjoyable.

The start of winter for me reminds me to eat up my citrus. Its usually in season and high in Vitamin C to help keep the winter nastys at bay. So here is what I sent to Melissa.

Four little citrus magnets, a lemon zip up case (that I was going to hand embroider around, but got lazy and did on the machine), a lemon tea towel and lime lip balm.

Here are the magnets that I hand stitched.

And a close up of the lime, because it was my favorite.


lib said...

what a great idea to swap! fantastic lemon zip up case! love the buttons too.well done nomi.
can i copy the bee idea? my girls would love it.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is so cute. Its also another reason I won't participate in the swaps, I just suck at being creative....LOL


Sarah Morris said...

How fun!

Ansia said...

Can I borrow some of your creativity?

Anonymous said...

I love them. Honestly, you are a machine!

Shelly G & Hope P said...

I love all of them... so so so cute:)

the handmaden said...

I really love your buttons. They're as cute as umm, well.... buttons!!

Marie said...

Gorgeous work!