Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mini quilt

Gosh, its been more than a week between posts and I have nothing to show for it. I have cut out a pattern to make myself some wide leg pants, but they are looking really w i d e. It kind of put me off as I really hate having to alter the pattern. I really should get to it tonight, so I can tick one more thing off my list...that just keeps growing and growing.
We had one of my brothers and his wife stay on the weekend, which was just lovely. Although I did manage to cram in one too many serves of desert- looks like those wide leg pants could come in handy after all. We normally only have desert when visitors are over, so I made up for lost time. We also did a little op shopping together and came home with an Elna sewing machine for my sister-in-law. It goes like a dream. I managed to talk the lady down from $45 to $25! What a steal!

Anyway, instead of blabbing on I thought I would show you something I made a little while back for Maeve's 1st birthday. You have probably seen the doll before here. Dad and Luke made the little walker trolley together- which I just love! I made the little reversible quilt and pillow to match. The embroidery on the pillow was off an old vintage sheet I found, and the quilt was made from my sewing scraps. Its amazing how satisfying it is to make bedding for the dolls. Maybe I'm just mad, or maybe it because its nice to have an easy project that can be compleated in under 2 hours. I have also done the same thing for Grace's baby, so I will try and show you those photos soon.


Sara said...

Lovely mini quilt. I think I still have some of that backing fabric in my stash!

Sarah Morris said...

I dont think your crazy to like making stuff for the dolls! Your probably reverting back to your childhood and doll playing days! Im going to be a shocker if I have a girl, I'll just want to play dolls all day!