Friday, May 9, 2008

cloth dolls

These soft dolls were made for both my girls last birthdays. They are their cuddly dolls to take to bed. I made the smaller one first for Maeve and she is affectionately known as 'bubba'. Grace took rather a liking to bubba and decided that she too needed a soft doll, and would steal a cuddle with her whenever she got the chance. I recently finished off the second doll for Grace who was so excited to watch and be involved in the whole doll making process...especially when it was for her! She was very specific on how she wanted her bubba's hair, it had to be dark brown and very long. At the moment we are platting her hair down to get it to settle, because it is so bulky. Grace hasn't yet settled on a name for her baby, however she often gets named after a special friend we have seen recently. We are yet to make her doll proper clothes (she is wearing a shirt I made for Maeve that didn't quiet go according to plan!).

The dolls are made in the traditional Steiner (Waldorf) way, not that I follow this philosophy at all...but I do love the way they encourage the use of basic, natural toys that require greater imagination from the child. The pattern came from the book 'Toymaking with children' by Freya Jaffke, thanks to my amazing friend Rachel. The smaller doll is the flopsy doll, and the larger one is the formed doll. If you are creatively inclined and have children, then this would be a great book. This lady here is especially talented when it comes to Waldorf dolls. Check her stuff out if you are interested.


Sarah Morris said...

Love these dolls! They are so simple to look at (not to make Im sure), yet so utterly divine! You have always been so clever at this stuff, you are a great mum!

naomi said...

Thanks Sarah, yeah I love the simplicity of these dolls too. So much nicer than plastic! The head and hair was a bit time consuming, but the rest easy.