Thursday, May 22, 2008

more tops

So these are the other tops I made last time I was on holidays. They are for Grace since she has outgrown all of last winters clothes.
The first two are the same pattern- "Polka dot" blouse, Ottobre 1/2008. I think these tops are super cute, trust me they look much better on. Grace has refused to wear the red one on many occasions because she thinks it looks like a paint shirt (we have red paint shirts at playgroup that have gathered necks and sleeves!).
Then there is the dog hoodie. When I saw this fabric I couldn't walk past it! I gulped at the price, but knew how happy it would make my little dog lover. The pattern was New Look (kids tracksuit pattern) and I added a pocket on the front.
The stripy top is a boys pattern, but I liked the wide cuffs on the sleeves. Its a really wide cut shirt, too wide for my delicate daughter. I have tons of the fabric left, so I will make another one in the same pattern as the apple shirt.


Anonymous said...

The dog hoodie is the best, you're right.

Marie said...

Ooh, I love love love the doggie hoodie. My DD would go mad over that!