Monday, May 19, 2008


Grace was up on Saturday night with a tummy bug (or eaten too much of a bad thing while we were out during the day). It meant that we had to spend the day at home Sunday and missed out on seeing some of her favorite friends- she was totally devastated! In order to ease the disappointment I asked if she would like me to make something for her, and she requested a pink twirly skirt (the kind that flares out when you spin around). Lucky for me I had not long ago ordered the pattern for a 'Redondo' skirt by Studio Tantrum. I didn't have much pink fabric that was suitable, so we made do with scraps of pink, green and white.

I copied the pattern over breakfast and she watched me sew throughout the day, passing pins and chatting away. It was finished before bed time and she was madly twirling away.
The skirt was hung, she went to bed, woke this morning, skirt back on, and has had a very twirly, girly day!


Tracy said...

Oh My that is truly wonderful. Well done!

Sarah Morris said...

That is the most beautiful thing ever! You are creating the best memories for your girls!!!

catherine said...

definetly my favourite

lib said...

wow! so girly! mine would flip!
how did you get a copy of the pattern? from the site?

naomi said...

Lib, I brought the pattern from Crafty Mamas off the net.