Thursday, May 8, 2008

gracie dress

The fabric on the pockets of this dress has been waiting a while to be put to use. Very special fabric for a very special girl. Another good use for all that light denim. And my favorite bit? The cream buttons for sure.
Pattern is Ottobre Design Bib Dress 4/2007


binters said...

I love this dress. Do you even have your own tags? Naomi, I am impressed. You always were so clever. I look forward to more blogs, and I confess I am a little jealous that you have your own blog.

naomi said...

Thanks Al. You so should start a blog...promise I will add you to my favorites! The tags were some i made up maybe 5 yrs ago. I designed them, printed them on special paper, which I ironed on fabric, and then cut into single tags. They are so basic and fade after a while. I would like to order some proper woven ones soon.