Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a little leafy art

Our house is in need for some serious decorating. We have pretty much nothing hanging on the walls, and it is starting to bother me a little. I was rather inspired when I saw this leaf lino print on BloesemKids, and thought- hey, that would look awesome painted on a canvas and stuck above the fire place!
To begin with I cut out a leaf stencil on heavy cardboard and traced the design onto the canvas. Then I roughly filled in all the green bits. At this point it looked like some kind of optical illusion and was making my head hurt. Hmm, not good! I softened it out with lots of messy brush strokes, and this seemed to help.
I haven't painted a canvas since high school, so it was pretty frustrating and really I had no idea what I was doing...but at the end of the day I was happy with the results.
While it was in progress Grace kept asking 'so what wall are you putting it on?', to which I replied 'that one' (lounge room). She would then say 'oh no, not that wall mum, it needs to go on this one' (dining room). And of course she was right. It will now hang along side the dining table.

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