Saturday, November 6, 2010

flashback friday

 The lovely Abby of Sew Much Ado was very kind to feature me this week on Flashback Friday. 
Head over here to read more. Thankyou Abby!


cherri said...

Your mum is a clever chook - that would have been a tricky pattern - what a shame you girls never wore it.

Naturally Carol said...

mmm...I agree with cherri..maybe you thought it was prickly?..I love the colours and the buttons, especially cleverly alternating the colours of them!

naomi said...

The cardigan never actually fitted me, it was knitted for my sister who was 8 years younger. I am pretty sure she refused to wear it purely for the fact she didn't like it, as she was rather fussy about what she wore! Mum may have made her wear it a couple of times, but that would have been it! It's a good thing my cousin liked it:)
Yes, with all that hard work its a shame it wasn't worn more!
Its nice to feature it on the blog though, as I know you crafty ladies would appreciate all the hours that were put into it!