Thursday, November 11, 2010

on our feet

I have a confession to make. Our shoes basket seems to be overflowing with the arrival of many pairs of Saltwater sandals. And you cant blame me, can you? They are just so simple, colourful and downright funky! Just in time for the warmer weather and beach wanderings. This is the first time I have been able to find Saltwaters for sale in Australia, so I was a little more than overjoyed when I saw them pop up in a local children's wear shop. I then found some ebay bargains, and ordered some for me and the boy from the State's, and before you knew it, the basket by the front door was full. Jude's pair (Surfer style), are his first real shoes, and when I tried them on him, he danced around in circles yelling 'Oh wow! Shzz!'. And the best bit... they fit all of us perfectly with no blisters in sight.
Happy feet, Happy days!


Three Lads and a Lis said...

I've expressed my love for saltwaters on your blog before, and I can't help but to do it again! I LOVE them, and those little surfer ones, with 2 boys, that might just be my ticket to saltwater love.

Thanks for sharing!

Belinda said...

I am waiting on my 2nd package to arrive (any day now). The first pair I bought for my daughter are just lovely, so I ordered another pair for her and one for myself!!

BecomingClaudine said...

The pictures of these sandals are stunning!

Winter is beginning here, but these photos make me anxious for a warm summer, and maybe getting a pair of these for myself and my little ones!

dana said...

oh man, I seriously want to buy those in every color now. and winter is rolling around over here!
who cares...

Anna Walker said...

Awesome shoes! I kind of want some myself!
I wonder if they're available in the US?