Monday, February 21, 2011

passing it on

Let me take you back to the late 80's, I was in primary school. It would have been a hot December evening and the school hall in our little country town was packed with noisy children and parents ready to watch the end of year presentation night. I knew in advance that I was recieving the award for my class, and I was ever hopeful that the prize would be a voucher for 'Angus & Robertson'. They had done that in previous years, and I was eager to recieve the same. As the night wore on, my name was eventually called out. I couldn't have been more excited- the award for 'outstanding progress' also came with the $20 book voucher!
I probably had to wait a month or so before spending the voucher, as we lived in a very remote town and travelling to a bigger shopping center was not something we did very often. The waiting seemed to make the eventual trip, seem even more exciting.

Lovable Mini-Dolls was the book I carefully chose after making a quick bee-line to the craft/sewing section. It was one purchase I would never regret. This book was the one that I poured hours and hours of time into as a child and it helped develop my love for sewing and handicrafts.
I remember making all sorts of bugs, critters, birds, animals and people. None of which I have kept, most (or all) were gifted to friends.

Recently Grace has been showing an interest in sewing toys after watching me put together the mermaids. I pulled this book out to show her today, and instantly she was charmed. She picked out her first project, and while Jude napped we sewed together.

It felt so good, passing on a book, but more importantly passing on the skill that goes with it.

She listened intently, and to my surprise stitched away with ease. If the thread fell out of the needle, she licked the end of it and carefully threaded it back in, then continued on. "It doesn't matter if it's a bit messy to me Mum, because I am keeping it, and I don't mind... I will try my best though" she excitedly chattered as she mastered her new skill. "Now I can knit and sew!"

I stitched the face on for her, as she thought that might be a bit challenging for day one of sewing, but she stitched around all the edges and had a good go at stuffing it. We didn't get around to the hat or flowers bit, but she wasn't fussed.

It was the perfect project for a quiet Sunday afternoon, and time well spent with my precious big girl.
Love you Grace x


~april said...

I love this post! What a memorable day you shared with your daughter. I would not have understood the significance had I not had my precious son 2 years ago. I adore it when he wants to "play felts" and stacks felt bits on top of each other to create something only he knows. What a blessing kids are!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

that is very sweet, and a nice gift to pass on.

cherri said...

Ohh Grace did a great job and I just adore that last photo.

sallyb said...

What a gift - both for Grace and for you. I can't wait to share creative pastimes with my kids!

katherine said...

Love it! I kept an old french knitting 'dolly' in the shape of a mushroom from my childhood. My daughter loves it and it brings back so many memories seeing her enjoy it. She would love trying some critters like these too!

Cathy said...

Love it! Completely charmed. xc

Christina said...

That is great! Tell Grace she did a wonderful job, and I love that she picked out a snail. :)

libby said...

well done Grace! i remember be on the receiving end of some of these delights!! so grateful!