Sunday, December 7, 2008

little bear

Back in my infant and primary school years I use to be mad about hand sewing. For some reason I thought 'hand made' items were literally something sewn or made entirely by hand- no sewing machines please! I wanted to make and sell my hand made things even back then, but started out by making them for friends. 
I remember finding a book in the school library that was full of patterns for miniature bears. One look at that book and I was completely hooked! This little bear was one I pieced together from fake fur that I clipped right back. Even his tiny arms and legs move. I am pretty sure I made him for mum.
I wish I had photos of all the other ones I made. Some I even sewed tiny outfits for and made them beaded necklaces. In the bottom photo he is sitting on Grace's tiny hand, so you can picture his size. I would guess I made him in about yr4-5. I do have a small selection of other soft toys I made as a child, so hopefully I can get some more photos up soon. 


Jetta's Nest said...

Oh Naomi, what a little treasure :)

Does he have a name??

kmac said...

That is cool.

lib said...

I remember those beautiful little bears! you made me some! i think i know where they are too! i am blessed to have a friend like you naomi!

Kevlar Gloves said...


I think this little bear is so beautiful.