Friday, June 26, 2009

baby knits

So my new found love with knitting continues. These ones I finished a month or so ago, a newborn size cross over cardigan and a pixie bonnet.
Knitted with beautifully soft Shepherd baby wool.

Jacket pattern is from Cleckheaton.
This book has the most beautiful knits for little ones.

The Vintage Pixie Cap pattern came from here ('free patterns' menu on right).
I do apologise for the freaky looking doll model, but I have no baby to model it on yet!
We are slowly getting ready for this baby, still a lot to be done. All I feel like doing is sitting around knitting, but that is going to have to stop soon, there is so much to be sorted around the house, baby clothes to be washed and birth preparations to be made.
Only one month to go now!


Jetta's Nest said...

Lots of blues and greens in what you're making Naomi, does this mean there's a little boy joining your family soon?

Oh and I must say, your talent for creating things knows no limits does it, you sew and knit so beautifully!

naomi said...

ha, not sure yet!! I have so much pink baby stuff left over from the girls, so its been nice to try some other colours for a change. Was thinking I could stitch some red hearts on this outfit if its a girl. Not long to wait and see!

Aunty Date (no, not a typo) said...

YEOOH!! One month, can't wait to meet our little friend!! Love this blue, so nice xoxo

rachel said...

Beautiful knitting Naomi! The dolls cool too :)

Anonymous said...

Naomi, you are so clever. I love everything! Your blog is so wonderful to visit, full of loveliness! I can't wait to see your new little one...not long now! :)

Tracy said...

Beautiful again Naomi.