Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new jammies

With the weather getting cooler and all, I have finally made the time to get back into my sewing.
The girls (especially the biggest), were in desperate need of new winter jammies.
I have so much cotton stretch fabric in my stash at the moment, so I decided to use that up first before even looking at what the shops had to offer.
Maybe a little old-school in style (Luke just laughed when he saw them!), but feminine, and they can't wait to wear them to bed tonight.

I made them both a size bigger, and added ribbing so we can fold it back for this Winter and let it down for next. Really hoping I get 2 years out of these! I have more that are almost finished, so hopefully I can check back with photos soon.

Top pattern is a bit of a mix and match, but the bottoms are from Ottobre 1/2009.


Sara said...

Naomi, the pjs are super adorable!

Are the girls getting excited about being big sisters?

Kate said...

CUTE! Awesome pjs :) loves it!

Jetta's Nest said...

Oh Naomi, they're gorgeous. Like a cross between old fashioned nighties and cute modern jammies!

Hope you're keeping well :)

rachel said...

Great job Naomi!

catherine Adams said...

can you make me some??? i'd wear them shopping.
i love the fabric!