Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bird pinny

A friend recently had a gorgeous baby girl Neve,
and this was the outfit I made for her to grow into.
She has her own sewing business here, making beautiful clothes for little people.
The pinny is from Ottobre 1/08. I have made this one a couple of times before here and here, and its such a great pattern. It amazing how different you can make the same pattern, just by changing the fabric, adding pockets or applique etc. The leggings were from Ottobre 3/09.

And don't you just love the bird fabric! That fabric shop I was telling you about a few posts ago, has relocated even closer to my house. Yep, dangerous huh! I am rather excited. Needless to say, the bird fabric (and the cute polka dot binding) was purchased there last week. Give them another month or so and they will be sooo sick of me...haha!


Sara said...

Super sweet!

Amelia said...

i love it!

Charity Grace said...

So beautiful! I love little girl things. My first real sewing project was a dress for my little sister.

cherri said...

Really lovely outfit and gorgeous work. You are so right about changing a pattern just by changing fabric/embellishments. That bird fabric is beautiful and your colour choice is great.

It must be hard sewing for someone who sews (and well). I noticed the "Omi" tag - do you sell your clothes or are the tags just for personal use?

naomi said...

Thanks ladies!
Cherri, the labels were some I made years ago (before kids) as I was wanting to make childrens clothing and linen to sell at markets. I am a bit of a dreamer, and it never ended up coming off, so I just use them to sew onto gifts. I am REALLY wanting to get some things together to sell, but with 3 little ones time is precious and very limited...I am sure you understand! Anyway, in the meantime I will keep dreaming up patterns and designs, and who knows, one of these days you may see me on etsy or somewhere:)

Nanna said...

Love the outfit,You have done a lovely job.