Monday, October 19, 2009

cotton knit

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on the neckerchiefs. I know a lot of mums find it hard to source cute and affordable boys clothes, and I think the neckerchief bibs are perfect for adding that extra something to a plain outfit.
Here's a little jumper I finished over the weekend. It was suppose to be a 9 month size, but fits my rather chunky 3 month old perfectly. I checked the tension and all, and its one stitch out over 10cm, so nothing major. Must just be a fitted pattern.

The pattern is from this worth buying!
I also knitted the cross over cardi from there.
And it's knitted in cotton which is a first for me. Was beautiful and soft to knit with, and I figured a little more seasonally appropriate with our warmer climate.
Don't look too close, my knitting is far from perfect!

Little Jude is 3 months old today...where oh where has my newborn gone!
He rolled from his back to tummy yesterday, weighs in at 7.4kg and has discovered how useful his hands can be at whacking and grabbing the toys on his playgym.
I love this playgym. We purchased it at Ikea, and it is the most used toy in the house at the moment. Even the girls lie under it and play!


Amelia said...

super cute!

Nana said...

What a gorgeous child - and I love the jumper, too.

amberlee said...

Very cute. I'm loving your blog. I've knit the same sweater (it does run small and fitted), and my little one has the same Ikea toy. Only now at almost ten months she stands up, holds onto it and tries to push it to sort of walk. I know you'll get lots of use out of it.