Monday, May 10, 2010

my mum

This is a photo of Mum, me (10 days old) and my brother on his 2nd birthday. Taken back in the early 80's. She then went on to have another 3 children, so there are five of us. I think she is nothing short of amazing! Not a day goes by without me wondering how on earth she did what she did. I often think of her during the difficult moments with my 3, and imagine adding an extra 2 children to the mix. I always remember her as being calm and having everything under control. I am sure she would probably tell you it was anything but! She said she did all she could at the time, and trusted God to do the rest. Good advice Mum.

Here we all are 9 years later. That's me on the right sporting the awesome fringe. Mum always cut our hair. I think the first time I ever went to a hairdresser was when I was about 16. She also use to sew a lot of our clothes. The outfit I am wearing was one she made for my 8th birthday. She also made my sisters sweet little dress. She use to go to TAFE on Monday nights after my sister was born to have sewing classes. I remember her learning to sew stretch and quilts. She taught me to sew when I was five, and in later years helped me get started on knitting and crocheting. She is such an inspiration in so many ways. I am so blessed to have her.

I hope you wonderful mothers out there have had a very special day with those you love. Those in my household who I love the dearest, totally took me by surprise today by... a brand new Cannon 550D is now mine to play with! I know, pretty good hey!! Lets just say I had no idea, none whatsoever! Totally stunned and feeling very spoilt. Now I have to work out what to do with the thing. Nicer photos to come once I get my head around it all!


Bec said...

What a gorgeus family! and a gorgeous camera!! Happy mothers day!

Little Munchkins said...

I love those photos of you and your family!

You have a great present for Mother's Day - enjoy your new camera!

cherri said...

Ohh - that camera is a great present - congratulations on having so much love around you! Kids and clever husbands are the best! hehehehe

cath said...

she defintely is the most amazing mum.

mama bear said...

What an inspiring woman your mother is – 5 children! I can hardly manage one, and a very small one at that.

Awesome present too – looking forward to seeing the beautiful pictures it creates.

Happy Mothers Day! x

libby said...

she is an amazing woman your mum and i was lucky enough to have lots of mothering from her too...i still remember how warm and inviting she was,always made me feel so at home with you guys..xoxoxo

dana said...

what great flashback photos!
And CONNNNNNGRATS on your new camera! AWESOME