Friday, May 7, 2010


I have just spent half the night looking through photos of the girls when they were tiny, hoping to put together a few nice ones we can print out for the walls. But no such luck. I went all soppy remembering how gorgeous they were and just spent hours flicking from one album to the next. Both these photos are of Grace, on her 1st birthday and the other at about 15mths. I could have put up hundreds more! I rarely ever print out photos, but after looking at these I must. Photos really help to jog my memory and take me back in time. I cant wait till Jude is toddling around like this!


cherri said...

They are both gorgeous pics Naomi. I have been doing the same lately - going through the thousands of photos to choose some to enlarge, but I end up calling in the family and laughing and chatting at some funny photo along the way - never making a decision!

I would print those two though!

naomi said...

yep, that sounds like me Cherri! Poor Luke was sitting next to me trying to work, but gave up after my constant interruptions!