Monday, June 7, 2010


Life has just been flying by, so sorry once again for the long absence between posts. At the moment we are rather caught up in the every day busyness that comes with having a family, which at times can be very difficult and tiring. How can parenting be so frustrating, delightful, tiring, rewarding, emotionally draining, incredibly fun, demanding, hilarious, heart breaking and heart bursting all at the same time? I don't do the roller coaster very well. However, I do feel like one of the richest people on earth having been blessed with these three little people. I wouldn't choose to do life any other way. A little more sleep would be nice though.
Needless to say, I didn't get very far with the Kids clothes week challenge. 2 out of 7 days...hmmm will have to try a little harder next time.

We are in the middle of trying to de-clutter the house and clear a bed room for Jude. He still sleeps in with us, but I think its time he had a space of his own. We were going to put him in with the girls in their poky little room, but after trialling that for a few nights we realised that 2 poor sleepers in one room was probably not a good thing. The only room left for him is my sewing room, so I am going to have to say goodbye to that space for a while. I will still be sewing, just not as regularly. We will hopefully find a space for my machine in the office...the relocation of fabrics could prove to be a challenge!

The rain has just been bucketing down here the past few week. We have spent a ton of time indoors enjoying and enduring each others company. I have pulled all the winter woollies out of the cupboard and put them to use. Maeve and I have been baking and crafting while Grace is at school. My Maeve loves to bake and loves her aprons! The morning school run has proved to be a bit of a mission amidst the torrential  downpour. The girls see it as a bit of an adventure though. I am so grateful for good friends and car pooling, so I don't have to repeat the 'adventure' in the afternoons!

Hopefully I will be back soon with photos of room changes, or maybe even a little knitting. Hope you day is a great one!


Nadine said...

Parenting certainly is a challenge, yet so wonderful...depends on what day you ask me as to which I choose!! Love your pics, looks like a happy family xxx

dana said...

oh yes. Everything you mentioned on your list about parenting. Yes yes. And I wouldn't have it any other way either.

I forget that it's winter over there. I'm glad you're (enduring) and enjoying each others company in doors.

I'm sorry your sewing space it taken up for a bit. I guess it's a matter or sleep vs. sewing. Which do you love more. Hard decision!

Lovely pictures as always Naomi.
Just beautiful.

- dana

The Handmaden said...

So many similarities in our lives at the moment, I'm feeling the strain of lack of sleep too. We still have our little one in our room too, in our case its a lack of space.
Your parenting descriptions are very accurate - one day can bring so, so much!

Karin van D. said...

Ah yes, all those feelings and emotions that describe parenting. I recognize them all! Hope everything works out with the room changes. Isn't it possible to set up a little desk for you in a corner somewhere so you can still sew? I am sure there must be some solution! Hang in there.. you will get less tired some day. That's what I tell myself every day again too ;-)

Amelia said...

such a good description of parenting - particularly heart breaking and heart bursting. simultaneously. sometimes i'm not even sure which i'm feeling.