Tuesday, June 8, 2010

milo soaker

Well that was an energetic photo session! Monkey boy (for some reason or another) couldn't manage to sit still for more than two second to have his photo taken. Not a great help when you are learning to use the new camera and trying to manually focus...sorry for the blurry shots, these were the best I could get!

I finally got around to finishing the knitted soaker. It came together nicely as per the picture, but didn't end up fitting quiet as snug as I would have liked. Although it looks OK in the photos, it could have done with less rise in the front and a little extra in the back. I kept having to pull it up at the back to keep it over his nappy while he was busy rocketing around the house, and the front was too bunched up. Still very cute and might work well over a bulkier night nappy. He is wearing this one over these fitted's I made for Maeve a while back. I will get them lanolised tonight and see how they go over the next few days.

Has anyone else used wool covers with their cloth nappies (diapers)?
I would love to hear what patterns you found the best and how successful you found them as a nappy cover. I made quiet a few for Grace back in the day and they were great. I found they worked the best in summer with just a shirt or dress over the top. In winter they got a bit bulky layered under thick pants and the likes.

The pattern was from 'Vintage Baby Knits' By Kristen Rengren. I knitted it in the 9-12month size, but next time would probably go smaller. The wool I used was the most softest Merino from Lincraft 'Italiano donegal merino' in 12ply. It didn't seem as chunky as your usual 12ply however. This soaker used up just over one 50g ball.

And here he is doing the bolt in his woolies...


Annie@Imagination said...


I haven't knit my own soakers but plan on doing it for a future babe. I have read a few times on Ravelry that merino is not ideal for soakers... but i'm not sure why. My grandmother knit me a few soakers for the kids when they were little (i couldn't knit anything beyong a blanket at that point!) and i could only use them during the day with no pants -- they weren't 'tight' enough to hold much pee... we used the aristocrats for night -- i'd love to knit something similar to that!

Lise said...

It looks beautiful! Too bad it doesn't fit as well as you'd like; I know how frustrating that is!

I use wool covers year round. In the winter, we mostly use wool "longies" made from the arms of felted wool sweaters sewn together as pants. That way you don't need to put pants on top. In the summer, I like "shorties" made from felted sweaters (I like this pattern: http://www.borntolove.com/frugal-column2.html). I've bought some lovely crocheted shorties on Etsy, and have now bought the pattern to make my own (from here: http://www.ladybugz.ca/store/). And I've crocheted some from a free pattern on ravelry that work pretty well. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/mcghol/adirondack-babie-crocheted-soaker-pattern). Don't know how to knit, so I haven't tried any knit patterns, but I bet there are some on ravelry. Let me know if you find the perfect pattern!

carla said...

I knit tons of soakers from the free Curly Purly pattern, and they all worked well. I mostly used them at night under pajamas, because, as you said, they were a bit bulky under clothing.

naomi said...

thanks for the info ladies!
I will have to check out those links soon.
Annie, I hope the merino works after all that knitting! I have seen a lot of soakers made from merino, so here's hoping!
Great info Lise, I can crochet a little, so I look forward to checking out those patterns.

dana said...

wow. so cool! it looks so very comfy and I love the color style of all the photos

Amanda - Little Star Designs said...

I really love the look of that pattern, so cute.
I crocheted my soakers, I love the pattern but I think I did something wrong in the lanolising bit because they weren't very wee proof! Not sure what happened, but I ended up giving up and buying all in ones. I so love the look of them though. You can see my crochet ones on my blog.

Magi© said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now:) And I love it! ;)
Im gonna give you a link to a norwegian page:https://nostebarn.no/wp/produkt/Strikkeoppskrifter-okologisk-Strikkegarn-Ullgarn-Merinoull-Garn-Lanolingarn/Strikkepppskrift-Bleiebukser/ ,
Maby it will be a bit difficult to understand what it says ;) but there is a couple of pictures I would like you to see :) I love the soaker you knitted, its cuter than the once I found but I thougt mabe you would like tpo try something new. :) Mabe you can try to knit them with out the pattern?

What a cute little boy you have !
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naomi said...

Hi Magi,

Thanks for visiting!
The links you sent for the soaker are very cute. I have knitted one like this before, it was a thick ribbing band with plain kniting below, shaped downwards like a triangle. Very easy to knit and looks so cute! Thanks for showing this one to me.


Kylie said...

I have found the vanilla soaker to be great and you can not look past the ladybug loops pattern if you are after longies (she gives you the instructions for 8, 10 and 12 ply all for the one price)

I made them here http://craftedbykylie.blogspot.com/2009/04/more-knitting-off-of-needles.html
and here http://craftedbykylie.blogspot.com/2009/04/down-by-seashore_17.html

meg said...

oh they are adorable! and his butt is bound to get bigger soon enough!

Erika said...

Your boy is absolutely gorgeous...especially in this new little wool cover! I love wool covers and have used them a lot but never knit my own. I agree about them being especially great in the summertime- so much cooler and more breathable than plastic. Good job mom!