Thursday, April 28, 2011

pa's billy-cart

My Dad has made this fantastic little billy-cart for the grand kids to use when they visit. Our kids think it is just great, and had so much fun with it over the Easter break! Luke found the perfect place to trial it- an empty carpark with a gentle slope to it and the most gorgeous view. Maeve tried her hardest to ride it backwards down the hill (eyes closed) which was very funny to watch- she is a crack up that kid!


Sarah Harris said...

hey naomi, those photos are great, especially the one with Jude walking past all the rusted barrel things.
I was just wondering how you get your photos to be so big.. i cant figure it out!
Hope your holidays left you feeling relaxed and recharged x

ingrid said...

Looks like great fun!
I want to know your secret location so I can use those barrels as a photo backdrop.

naomi said...

yeah the barrels did look rather cool, unfortunately Ingrid you would have to travel a few hours to get there- not local at all!

Sarah, when you are creating a new post and have added your photos in; click on the photo to highlight it and it should come up with the size option to choose. I usually choose x-large. If that doesn't work, you may need to change over to the New Blogger Template (you can search for how to do that in 'help'). Hope this helps!

dear olive said...

Hello, I've just come over here from the beetle shack and have to say, firstly, that you kids are adorable! And secondly, how unreal is your dads billy cart!! Kellie xx