Saturday, April 16, 2011


Before the rain came we spent some time outdoors tending to our pots. The tomato plants had seen better days, so we removed them, fertilised the soil, added sugar can mulch and planted some new seedlings suitable for the cooler days to come. Then we watered, watered and watered some more, just to make sure they had plenty to drink. No doubt they are now entirely saturated thanks to the latest downpour from the heavens! The cherry tomatoes we had previously planted did amazingly well, and we ate tub after tub over summer- they were rather tasty! A couple of self seeded tomato plant had popped up, so we replanted those as well. Not quiet sure if its the right season, but happy to experiment and see what happens. We also planted spinach, kale and marigolds for added prettiness.  There is a little bit of room left in some pots, so we might add some herbs at a later date.
And just as we were packing away our tools, I discovered this delicate moth on the washing- isn't she pretty!

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