Tuesday, November 24, 2009

skirt to dress

Here's a dress I put together last weekend, after chopping up an old skirt that belonged to my sister (Cath, remember this one?). It was so easy to do.
I cut off about a 30cm piece from the top of the skirt and turned it into the bodice. Because the skirt was lined, there was enough fabric there to line the bodice as well. I used the bodice pattern from the 'gracie' dress (how appropriate!) by Portabellopixie.

The bodice turned out pretty huge and had a serious plunge neckline going on.
And since I think little girls should be sweet and modest, I added a frill around the V neck for coverage. Looks much better!
I gathered what was left of the original skirt, and stitched it to the bodice.
And the dress was complete- easy!

Here's my pile of left over fabric, zip, tag etc...so as you can see, not much fabric went to waste.


cherri said...

That's very pretty - well done! She is gorgeous...

The Handmaden said...

That's so pretty, your addition of the frill worked out beautifully.

catherine said...

i'm glad you got some use out of the fabric! the dress looks so much better than the skirt ever did!!

rachel said...

Beautiful, very pretty!