Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We have been doing a bit of much needed organising and cleaning around the house. So when I was clearing piles of junk and paperwork off the top of the piano, I had the sudden urge to pull it all apart and see if we could find out why middle C was no longer working (all after midnight I might add). We found the problem, and with a little felt and glue were able to fix it.
The poor piano has been so neglected as of late, and it was so nice to have a little tinker on it. Its been years since having lessons, but it's amazing what comes back. Sort of like a long lost friend.
And then I felt a little sad for all the years gone by that I haven't played, and the skills that were forgotten. I would be so nice if I could find/make the time to play, especially for the kids. I would really love to be able to play songs they could sing along to.
It's funny the whole parenting thing. When you are expecting your first child, you have such grand plans of what you are going to teach them, the life experiences you will share. And then all of a sudden you find yourself with two, then three children and the days somehow become very full all on their own.
Just to keep on top of the washing, have the children fed, clothed and happy, with dinner on the table every night is a real achievement. And the finer details of parenting, the extra skills and creative experiences you were going to teach have slowly slipped into the background and you realise that these things are no longer as important as you first thought, for now anyway.
I guess eventually we will get there. And in the mean time we will focus on loving relationships and growing together as a family. Its a beautiful thing watching the bond form between the children, how they care for each other, the jokes the older two share. Of course its not all love and laughter, there are plenty of 'moments' to be had.
But I do like how the precious moments between them are the ones I remember and hold on to.


Melinda said...

What a gorgeous photo!

I agree with you - just getting the 'essentials' done each day is tiring enough. I have been meaning to clean the windows now for around 6 months (blush) but jobs like that seem like an optional extra when there is still 2 loads of laundry to be folded and dinner to be made!

Kre8ive Life said...

What a fabulously romantic moment mending a piano after midnight!!! I have only had the pleasure of being a Mum for 7.5 months now and it has suprised me firstly how the time flies, but also how the romantic notions we have in our mind is never quite what it is like in reality. Despite that I agree with you ensuring that our relationships are loving is the most important. Congratulations though for living lif sooooo creatively for someone who is obviously very busy.

PS- Your daughter is just divine- love the bow photos and how precious is the photo of your children togeher- priceless

The Handmaden said...

I just said to my husband recently "I don't think parenting is anything like I thought it would be" What you say is so true. I have to remind myself often, will the children remember a spotless house or will they remember how much time I spent with them and what we did together?

lib said...

thankyou naomi - that was just what i needed. xoxo love u.