Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Another skirt for a little friend of ours, this time it's the 'redondo'.

Ahh...still in love with the rolled hem my over locker so easily does.
Such a neat finish!

And here's what the skirt looks like when you lie it out flat.
One big circle. This skirt is for the girl that seriously loves to twirl.
Looks amazing in motion.

Here's another one I made a while back. Slightly different, I added frills in the seams.
And if you like this pattern you should check out Sara's version of the rainbow Redondo.
So fun!


willow and moo said...

Awww thanks Naomi!

I think that floral version is totally sweet! It will be much loved.

Tracy said...

Looks wonderful! I still haven't tried that pattern. My girls are in love with the ones Sara made them :)

naomi said...

no worries Sara! One of these days I will have to order your skirts for my girls. They are true wearable art. Would look great hanging on the wall too!

Jo's Place said...

Aww that looks so cute :)

cherri said...

Love it - That's very pretty Naomi!

The Handmaden said...

You can't go wrong with a redondo it seems, I haven't made one but every time I see one it's beautiful.