Thursday, February 11, 2010

for me

Shirt for myself, made out of Kaffe Fassett's Planets.
I completed this one months ago, but was never entirely happy with it.
Loved the fabric, but not so sure about the style of the top.
The pattern is Simplicity 5552.
I totally reshaped the neckline trying to make it look more flattering and not so boxy, but not sure that I achieved my outcome.
I also added piping around the edge of the white yoke, which all ended up rather fiddly.
Never mind, I will have to try again.
I find it so disappointing sewing for myself!
The kids are so cute and easy to sew for, and the cut/fit is really not that essential.
I am thinking I may need to buy a few new pattern to help me along.
How about this one or maybe this one?
Pretty sure they would look great in the Autumn wardrobe.
Now to find the time...


carla said...

I love that neckline! It's super cute with that fabric.

Kimberly said...

I have been eying that Make It Perfect kaftan also. The model looks so happy and cute. I wonder if there's a magic pill included with purchase to make me look as carefree...

Anonymous said...

From here the neckline looks very cool! Are you going to show it on you? I always choose patterns that I think I will love and finish being to baggy or something.
That fabric is great : )


naomi said...

Thanks for the comments!
Kimberly, I thought she looked a bit cutesy too, and wasn't sure that the kaftan would have the same effect if I were wearing it!
Mariana, I do like the look of the neckline, but when its on its just so gapey (is that a word??).
Really want to sew clothes for me, but get so disappointed!

Claire said...

OH OH OH OH OH This is so LOVELY!!! I do know what you mean though about the ease of sewing for children & the difficulty of sewing for yourself. I have limited myself to simple skirts - nothing else seems to fit nicely.
BTW - I love both of the patterns!