Saturday, February 6, 2010


anyone else partial to a bit of red?

I finally got around to covering the piano stool with a gorgeous piece of vintage red, given to me by the very creative Claire. And yes, it does entice me to sit down and play more often. Much more inviting than the grotty piece of fabric that was on there previously.
Staple guns are so much fun!

And some stunning vintage fabrics sent to me by my sister in law Amanda.
I cant wait to get-a-sewing with these!


Anna said...

i love red! my oldest daughters favorite color (and now mine, too) :)

Kristine said...

Ooh, yes. I'm partial to a bit of red. I love the fabric you have covered the piano stool in.

Bec said...

Why yes, I am quite partial to red. Thank you for asking. And kaftans and tunics and onsies adn headbands too for that matter. So happy to find your blog through Made. Its fantastic :)

Claire said...

Naomi - WOW - the fabric looks beautiful on the stool.
And your sister inlaws parcel all looks wonderful - esp that green! Happy creating with it all!