Tuesday, February 2, 2010

there she goes

Off to school for the first day of many more to come, my beautiful Grace.
Everything they say about that new born baby is so true 'before you know it they will be off to school', and then they are.
30 long hour a week without my girl. I don't think it has all really sunk in yet.

She however has been counting down the sleeps, and was already dressed when I woke this morning right down to the shoes and socks, bag packed with sports uniform shoved in and the joggers on top with laces neatly tied!
And apparently the best part of the day was not having me there...I didn't quiet know whether to laugh or cry at that one, so I just had a good laugh! Hello independence.

If you had have talked to me about schooling two years ago, I would have been adamant that we were going to home school. As you can see we have somewhat changed our tune, not to say that there wont come a day when it will happen.
At the moment I am struggling to keep any order with three children, let alone get the shopping done, or the washing for that matter. So I think it would have been a poor option for my children at this time in our lives. I admire more than anything the families that can home school, I think you people are amazing (and yes, I am somewhat envious!).

We are so happy that the teachers have put Grace and all her other preschool friends from last year in the one class! Couldn't be happier for her. It will make the transition so much easier.

And these two...
Well I didn't let a tear out all day, but the thought of these two (best sisters, best friends they call themselves) spending those 30 hours apart a week, does make my heart sob.

Have I told you lately how amazing my children are?
These kids totally rock my world.

Anyway, back to the school talk...
Grace tells me she had trouble eating her lunch because the playground was too noisy!?
This may take a bit of getting use too.
Pleased to say however, she cant wait to get back there in the morning.
I am off to pack the lunchbox, contact the textbooks...and by the sounds of it, feed the baby.


cherri said...

Oh no, I never thought of it from that perspective - the siblings of course miss the older child too...gee...more to cry about.
Grace looks gorgeous and I am sure will learn to eat amongst the noise!

Karen said...

What a lovely post Naomi, motherhood is great isn't it!
I hope Grace had a wonderful day - I am sure she did by that grin, and that Maeve was OK too.
The same things happened here - the only one who cried when the two 'big' girls started kinder was their little sister!

Debbs said...

You are so brave not to cry! I think I will be a mess. My friend cried when she sent her eldest off to kindy last week, and it was just for a half day! As a side note, I've been following your blog for a while and only just recently realised that you know one of my dearest friends and her hubby Lisa and Lyle! What a small blog world! I love your blog BTW!

naomi said...

thanks ladies!
Yes Karen, motherhood is wonderful!!

Debbie, thanks for taking the time to comment! Lisa talks about you so much, and I am sure I have met you years ago when I was up your way. How did you find my blog? I don't think Lisa knows I have it. Great to hear from you, such a nice surprise! Hope you are doing well.

Debbs said...

I found it on another friends blog and only just worked out when I saw that you're daughter's name was Mauve, that tipped me off! Haha I truly love stopping by here!